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Kansas State Parks Library Program

Kansas State Parks has partnered with the Kansas Public Library System to provide free, daily vehicle permits to Kansas library patrons so that all Kansans can visit Kansas State Parks without the financial barrier of an entry fee.
Like last year, the library has taken advantage of this opportunity and we have a stack of park passes ready to hand out to our patrons until they’re gone at no cost to you! Here’s a few things you need to know:

*stop by the library and ask for a Kansas State Parks vehicle permit

*each issued vehicle permit will be good for one day only, which will be written on the front of the permit

*park permits do not need to be returned to the library, they can simply be discarded once the patron is done using the permit or when the permit expires

*patrons using these daily vehicle permits are responsible for displaying the permit in their vehicle windshield when entering a Park

For more information about the Parks, visit

Print with Princh!

The library now offers Princh, a user-friendly wireless mobile printing software. This means you can print to our printer from your phone, tablet or laptop, even when you’re not in the library! Check out the video below to learn more!

Whitewater Area Food Pantry Information

The Whitewater Area Food Pantry (WAFP) is located in the Bruhn Coffee House at 216 South Main, Whitewater, KS, and is OPEN TO EVERYONE LIVING IN THE REMINGTON USD 206 AREA.
We look forward to seeing you all…….
– Mondays (excluding holidays) 4:30 – 5:30 pm
If you are not ready to come in to the pantry for your order, please continue to use the online order form on the pantry Facebook page and the library website.
Forms are also available in the library entryway and at the WW Pizza Parlor. Put those forms in the library book return, tell us how you want to receive your order and we will fill it for you.

All You Need to Know About Ebooks *Updated*

The Kansas State Library offers digital book e-lending.  There are hundreds of available titles for both children and adults. And all you need is a Kansas Library Card!


BookFlix: Animated picture story books matched with a non-fiction book.  Each book pair may also have 2-3 games/puzzles.


3M Cloud Library: Contains larger publishers, so you’ll see bestsellers here.  Mostly fiction, with some popular non-fiction.  This works like your normal library, where if all copies of a book are checked out, you place a hold. 

Enki: Includes self-published books in its catalog of small-medium publishers.  It also has a great variety of both fiction and non-fiction.  Cooking, crafts, and DIY have good selection.  Since the catalog is large (about 40,000 books) and it is fairly new, holds are still uncommon.

Freading:  All books are always available.  Lots of variety in both fiction and non-fiction, there are even graphic novels.  Smaller publishers, but the catalog has over 50,000 books in it and more are added at least once a week.

Britannica E-STAX: Non-fiction for kids, unlimited access.


Project Gutenberg: Ebooks in the public domain.  Look here if you want a classic.  Read in browser or download to device.

LibriVox: Audio version of books in the public domain, read by volunteer narrators.  Listen in browser or download.

United for Literacy: Picture ebooks with audio, audio can be played in several languages.

All information taken from the Kansas State Library website. For more information, visit  All of these resources are linked on the right side of our homepage.