What if I can’t make it in to return my books by their due date?
  • Go to your online account and renew your items there. Our book return is available 24/7 on the east side of the building for after-hour returns as well.  As always, we can renew items over the phone.
Can I send/receive a fax at the library?
  • Yes, you can both receive and send faxes at the library.  Sending: first page & cover sheet – 50c / Subsequent pages – 25c each. Receiving: 25c per page.  The library’s fax number is 316-799-1099.
Are your special collections available for checkout?
  • Magazines, cake pans, yard games, and costumes are available for you to check out! Checkout time is the standard 3 weeks + renewal for costumes, cake pans, and magazines.  Yard games check out for 1 week.
Can you order a book for me that’s not in your library?
  • Most library items can be borrowed from another library in Kansas.  Most items arrive within 4-7 days.  This is a free library service.  If you have a suggestion of something we should add to our library, feel free to fill out the form under “Purchase Ideas” at the top of our home page.
Do you have computers available for public use?
  • The library has 2 youth computers and 1 adult computer.  Youth (18 and under) may use a computer for 30 minutes a day.  Adults may have unlimited time unless there is another adult waiting.  You’re welcome to call and reserve a computer for a certain time.  24/7 public WiFi is available as well.